From Father to Children

Our family history in the Napa Valley began four generations ago, with each generation continuing to build on the family tradition of crafting world class wine. We're as proud of the past as we are excited about the future.

The 1st Generation
The family winemaking story begins in 1908 when Cesare Mondavi settled in Minnesota after undertaking the long journey from Italy across the Atlantic. After working as a coal miner and later a saloon owner, the entrepreneurial Cesare moved his family to California in 1922 and in 1943 purchased the Charles Krug winery, establishing the first Mondavi generation in Napa Valley winemaking.

The 2nd Generation
Cesare Mondavi's oldest son, Robert, worked side by side with his father and brother, Peter at the Charles Krug winery. Later Robert went on to establish his namesake winery in 1966 with the goal of producing wine in the Napa Valley that would rival the finest in Europe. Robert Mondavi's tireless dedication to promoting his wines has helped the Napa Valley earn worldwide recognition as one of the finest wine growing regions in the world.

The 3rd Generation
Robert Mondavi's oldest son, Michael, co-founded the Robert Mondavi Winery with his father in 1966 and took on the role of Vice President of Production responsible for winemaking. Michael's journey at the Robert Mondavi winery touched all aspects of the family business where he would serve as Vice President of Sales, President and CEO, and Chairman of the Board. Forty years later Michael's journey would come full circle as he has now co-founded Emblem wines with his own children in 2006.

The 4th Generation
Michael's children, Rob and Dina Mondavi are the next generation to continue the Mondavi family tradition in the Napa Valley. Having grown up in the family wine business and gleaned insight from three generations of family experience, Rob and Dina are using that experience to bring the family tradition into an exciting future. Emblem is a shared passion from father to children and the wines represent the future of the Michael Mondavi family in the Napa Valley.


Emblem Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon wines
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